Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hedgie's Prompts (rather late, sorry!)

Well all these prompts from Hedgie are 2 weeks late since after the photo shoot something very sad happened to one of Lynne's friends and we haven't had time or any energy to do my blog, anyway today we have gone on holiday and life looks a little more cheerful, mind you she nearly left me behind!!

My Favourite cartoon character has to be The Simpson's, Lynne watches this every Friday since there is no Come Dine with Me that day at 5.30. She cooks and I watch it, with great difficulty with the sun coming in the window!

When I saw Zac I asked him who his fav cartoon charcter was as I had no idea,LOL!!

He showed me this book all about Rory the Racing car. I must look out for that prog as I think I would enjoy it!......................................... oops I lost that photo LOL!!

Does Lynne ever play a sport or do anything energetic? LOL NO!!!!
Here I am waiting to have a game of skittles and she wouldn't even play that game LOL!!
Well my Favourite sport on the television has to be FOOTBALL as living in the same house as Peter, it is watched a lot in my house!!
I enjoy the occasional game when I see Zac and he has a lovely small football which is just right for me LOL!!
Oooh! I wish we hadn't had this prompt as I got rather wet and Zac thought it was great fun to see me falling off his lego boat into the water! I got rather wet :(
Did I get an Easter Egg?
Boy I thought such a lucky toy, I saw these 2 packets of eggs. I opened one packet and they were just the right size for me and then was told, "NO", they weren't for me but for decorating an Easter cake and for Zac when he visited us.
He didn't even let me have a lick when he came and ate them LOL!!
Well I will have to do my own prompts on where we live when we get home, but hopefully I can do Curly's prompts this week as we are away on holiday now.
Cheerio I must have a snooze, I will be back tomorrow night xxxxx

Friday, 2 April 2010


Another indignity today LOL
I know the film was about ladies and hairdressers but did I really have to have hairspray sprayed on me to make my ears stck out LOL!!

Dearest Pamela, please think of me before you do your next prompts...PLEASE xxxxx

We will Rock You

Well waht DO I LOOK LIKE!!! LOL
This was all Jo's idea LOL!!
Lynne was going to give me a baby rock in her arms (LOVELY)or we were going to look at Hastings rock!
But oh NO along comes Jo, shows me the famous Freddie Mercury and next I know, Amie has made me a moustache and Lewis a crown he sometimes wore!!!

Dirty Dancing

Jo, Amie and lewis came this afternoon and helped with Pamela's last 3 prompts PHEW!! thought I would never do them LOL!!
and " Nobody puts 'Clemmie (not baby) in a corner"