Sunday, 31 January 2010

Duckies relatives?

Duckie have you any relatives near the Elephant and Castle?
I found this family of ducks in the bathroom of Mark's friend John where Mark was staying this weekend. They said they didn't know of Mr and Mrs N?
Well the TV is on as usual, so think I will snuggle down with Lynne and watch it before I snooze again, Cheerio for now xx

Does lynne take me out with her?

I think the answer to this question is usually YES!
Wow what a wonderful day out I had with Lynne yesterday! I must certainly go out with her more often...well that is if she takes me!
There were so many photos taken that I had Lynne show me how to make a collage of my day.
I wasn't allowed out of the bag on the journey to London, but when we arrived, Mark took a photo at Charing X and during the lunch meal I sat all the time on the table and guess what?...I really like red wine now!
I wasn't allowed to be around for the whole party because there were a lot of people but coming home in the train I sat on the table but sadly couldn't see out of the window as it was very dark.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Have they made me welcome?

Hedgie has set the questions this week and says he wants honest answers LOL!!

How can I be really honest when Lynne is sitting next to me? Maybe I will try to tell you something one day next week when she forgets about me like she sometimes does!

I have to say Lynne has made a great fuss of me today after she read the prompts and I remember how she brought me out of the bedroom where I had lived until Jan 1st and did knit me a lovely red scarf the other week so I could go out in the snow....
I am not sure what Peter makes of me around the house, he just ignores me most of the time and sometimes tutts and growls if I go out with them. Not sure if that is really making me welcome eh?
On Tuesday I refused to go out with Lynne and Peter to the birthday meal and then when I saw the photos I wished I had gone. Well I am nosey (perhaps another trait?) and today I found this box with this enormous cake in it and found out that Mark is to have another 2 parties in London tomorrow and Lynne is going.
Well can you believe it, when I said can I come the answer was "yes"
So I am off to have a long snooze ready for the trip tomorrow...cheerio xxxxx

Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Best Personality trait?

Patch asked one last question, what is my best personality trait?

What a difficult question for a little toy dog like me who cannot read properly yet, finds most DIY difficult, has no proper legs and really would prefer to snooze all day long! LOL!!

Lynne says trait means one feature in character, appearance or habit.

I didn't know and neither does Lynne yet, except she says at the moment I am a typical male doesn't like DIY, drools over females, likes TV and sleeps a lot.

Oh well doesn't sound as though I am much fun yet, well not for Pamela LOL!!

Off for a snooze as all this thinking has made me tired. Cheerio for now

What do I wish I hadn't done on Tuesday? [and 1 item I would buy]

At last Lynne has switched on her computer and I could see the photos of Mark's 40th birthday meal which I didn't want to go to on Tuesday!
We had fun making a collage and when I saw all the photos.....LOL!!
I really wish I hadn't said NO to going to it, it looked such fun....... and I really want to buy some balloons like these in the photo. Lynne says she couldn't bring them home because Mark wanted them but we can buy some another day, maybe when Zac comes to play with me!

Now as I have another task to do now, I have to find out what 'trait' means and let you know what mine is???????
Cheerio for now and I'll be back later xxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

After a bad day who would I wish would cheer me up?

Well when Lynne told me the question today, I knew the answer immediately!
Pamela is the one person who could cheer me up.
This is how I imagine our meeting would be.
She would be dressed up to the 'nines' (another funny human word LOL!!) with her arms outstretched to give me a hug. WOW that would really cheer me up!
I am supposed to be going to Mark's 40th birthday tonight but I don't want to go, it is cold so I am going to curl up on my blanket and have a snooze, Cheerio until tomorrow xxx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The special person I wish I could meet!

Well of course as soon as Lynne asked me who I would like to meet it was my name sake Clement Freud to see if I really look like him!!

Unfortunately I was told that he is dead but Lynne used the computer to show me lots of photos of him and I really like this one with his dog Henry. I do think there is a likeness to Mr Freud, Henry and myself, don't you?

I wish Lynne had called me Henry instead of Clement, it would be a much better name for a dog LOL!!

Oh well a dog can only wish...... Cheerio for now xxxx

If I had one wish, what would it be?

This was soooo easy,
I really wish I had proper legs that let me run and jump! All my legs do is lay on the ground. Why do people make us toys like this?
Well with this wish I will say, Cheerio xxxx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Where would I wish to go in the world?

I was asked by Patch, if I could visit anywhere or place in the world, where would I wish to go?
What a difficult question for a dog like me who found out about holidays and different places in the world only 2 weeks ago and saw all these places and then thought we were visiting Comelius's Uncle George in Montanta..... only to find that Lynne and Peter had changed their minds LOL!!
I suppose my answer is I DON'T KNOW!!
Now they are looking at cruises. This means going on a very big boat like this, Crikey!!!

I have found you can go anywhere in the world and even round the world. Hope they don't do that as I have seen a picture of the world and it is like a ball and we might fall off LOL!!

How do I know where I want to go? So long as Lynne and Peter are with me I will be happy, I would be even happier if Pamela could come with me too?
Maybe we need to meet in April and see if we are 'compatible' (not sure if I have used the right word?) before I ask her . Cheerio for now, I need a snooze again xxxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

What special meal would I wish for?

Patch with his Nanny's help has set the prompts this week all about wishes

Well I had to find out what a wish is so Lynne took a lot of time to show me how to use the dictionary and find the letter W. First I had to learn my A B C called the alphabet through a song and it was fun. She is going to get me a very simple dictionary that I can use on my own soon :)
Anyway what does wish mean..... something I desire or long for.
Well it didn't take me long to think about today's wish. and I know what special meal I desire, I long for Lynne to buy this food which tastes of salmon and rice and make me a special meal.
She says she will if I am a good doggy!
Cheerio for today xxxx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

What is my evening routine?

Oh good today is an easy question to answer! Can you guess?
TV, more TV and bones. Peter and Lynne watch a lot of TV every evening although Lynne goes to her craft room and sits with her computer sometimes
Lynne has given me a small blanket to sit on and I have to sit near the TV as I cannot see it when I am on the floor. I love it and I am very happy in this house with RSPCA people!
Cheerio for now xxx
Lynne says there are new challenges for me to answer tomorrow, hope I get a good sleep and won't worry about them!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Do you have any annoying habits?

No Debbie I don't think I do because Lynne says you have to develop habits especially annoying ones?...does that mean they grow on you???
But Lynne gets annoyed with me being so nosey, and I am so maybe that is my annoying habit! Take yesterday, while she took Peter to work I was allowed to play in the garden as there was no rain or snow, Well I found this interesting bin, we have a green one too and of course I had to take a look .......
and I got stuck, couldn't get in or out and when Lynne came home she caught me and was very annoyed saying I would catch germs and would need a bath which I know involves water and I wouldn't like that LOL!!
Well I must go get ready for and another day of adventures today, WI at SW...that is the word Lynne is obsessed about, (WOW isn't my language of words impressive eh!!)
and the Town Alpha?? not sure about what this means and Lynne and Peter don't seem to be able to explain it yet because they have never done it before, so Cheerio xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What are your creature comforts?

Oh Debbie you have asked such hard questions this week LOL!!
Today I had a lot of TLC from Lynne, she took me with Auntie Carol to town as Auntie Carol needed some retail therapy which I understand means shopping. But not food shopping but clothes shopping that have to be bargains in sales.
I found that I liked the cuddles I got from Auntie Carol very much...remember she wanted to take me home a few weeks ago as soon as she had met me and gave me my first cuddles then, think I like them very much. Almost as much as bones and snoozing.Pamela is that what jeffrey does with you?
Auntie Carol also let me try cheese scone and butter which was yummy even though Lynne muttered about SW again, then I saw she was having a cheese scone too.
I felt very comforted by the cuddles and scone titbits.
Oh and I asked Auntie Carol what RSPCA meant and I am happy about that now because she said it meant
People who
About you
I do think Lynne and Peter and Auntie Carol do care about me and now the snow has gone they are becoming more interesting people and doing more and showing more interest in me - RSPCA LOL!
Cheerio for now, time for my bones and a snooze xxxx

Monday, 18 January 2010

Tell me about my evening routine

Sorry Debbie but I have just told Lynne I am really finding these prompts very difficult LOL!!

Please don't tell Lynne but I really live in a very dysfuntional family...WOW isn't that a BIG word for a dog eh, it means....I think...abnormal???? What I really mean is - what is routine? Regular, unvarying act??? WOW swallowing a dictionary again now but reading is getting much better being left on my own so much!

Well no day is the same in this house. We were having a home day, then I got left in my bed with 1 bone ( yes the same one from Christmas...I must make it last!) when Lynne suddenly went to meet Jo for breakfast, then town to meet Nick????? and then Jo's this pm...well I ask you is this a home day???

Well today turned out all right in the end with postie bringing me a lovely IKEA pencil, wasn't that nice of Duckie? I saw all the DIY he had to do after that IKEA visit, do I suppose I am a lucky fellow? YES!! Lynne says I can have a pencil pot then we can have fun learning to write???? more DIY I think :(
Here I am with this lovely SP ( it means self portrait, gosh I am learning fast :)) but Lynne then wanted to 'mess' it up cos our address showed and she didn't want me to have fan mail????

Oh and another thing happened this weekend, Lynne and Peter had a heart to heart??? are they ill?

Any way I need not bother about bears anymore! Thank you Comenius but that scare has disappeared, I have to worry about water and heat now?...... Need to research on the computer 'greek islands'...whatever are they?

Maybe I can get an evening 'act' together before Friday as I know this is a challenge and need to answer all the questions, phew isn't 2010 difficult LOL!

Cheerio for now xxx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

What do you wish you were doing right now?

I really wished I could have stayed in my bed with my bones this morning, but NO Lynne was up so early and said we were going to a crop????

Well here I am at this crop, lots of ladies all laughing and talking but no one for me to play with :(

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Just had to tell you about the pub and the funeral

Hello I have popped back on the computer whilst Lynne is getting ready for a crop.
Well look at me in this photo! When Lynne and Peter went for a pub meal with friends on Thursday night Lynne let me go with them. Peter was very unhappy and huffed and puffed but Lynne said take no notice that is what men do when they don't like something!
Then yesterday I was popped into this pink bag again and taken to a funeral tea, not sure what a funeral is but it was a jolly affair with a lot of people smiling and chatting and a lot of food and cups of tea. I had to go back in that bag again when the people arrived but I enjoyed seeing somewhere different.
Well none of my friends were around except Hedgie, he had a really funny photo today being squashed down a ladies dress. I wouldn't like that at all, I hope Lynne doesn't try it with me LOL!

Tell me about your morning routine

Well Debbie asked us this question......she must be joking, does LYNNE HAVE A ROUTINE , lol NO!! so would I have a routine, well tell me do I have a chance...NO!
OK I notice she begrudgingly takes Peter (who loves routine) to work 4 mornings a week and of course there is the cooked breakfast cooked by Peter every Sat morning BUT after that mornings are never the same in this house LOL!
Take this morning I was ready to see if Pamela was online and then suddenly into this pink bag I went, onto the bus and hey presto I met another member of our family...Mark
I had had NO breakfast and thank goodness I had sneaked a bone with me otherwise I would have ended up having this biscuit for my breakfast!
What a surprise I had when we finally got home after a wine bar and loads of shops!
I letter addressed to me was on the table, Bongo had written to me, I couldn't read the writing but I saw his picture on the envelope and what doyou think he had sent me... some little pencils, oh bless him, I can actually scribble now LOL!
Thank you so much Auntie Shirley cos I think you might have helped Bongo with this xxx
I might be back to tell you about the pub night and the funeral tea yesterday, gosh Lynne is never still since the snow went and all I want to do is to have a snooze
Cheerio for now xxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

What am I doing right now?

Lynne has got up really early this morning and told me there are new prompts for me this week LOL!!
Debbie has set a lot of questions and as we were printing out the questions this happened so this is what I am doing right now......DIY (well not on my own, helping Lynne!)

Oh dear we have sorted out that pink colour called CYAN????? and now the blue and yellow have funny signs on them!!
Must go and sort this out, Lynne is leaving me whilst she takes Peter to work...
Cheerio for now xx

Thursday, 14 January 2010

What have I learnt so far...?

Well the challenge this week certainly made me think......LOL!! ( I do like that word!)
I learnt

  • to allow Lynne to take LOTS of photos of me each day
  • to blog and today Lynne let me make a collage of some of my many photos
  • I like my new bed
  • I know what a roulade is
  • the white stuff is called snow and disappears quickly, it is cold,wet but can be fun!
  • I must watch my weight which is 37g
  • bears in montana look scarey, I am still waiting to hear from Comelius!
  • Lynne and children can be kind and funny too
  • lots of new words - DIY/igloo/duvet day/chilling out/LOL/scrapping/WC/
  • I don't like green food
  • DIY is very difficult for a small dog like me
  • being on a computer is fun and interesting
  • I live with a nice family and Florrie and Mae like me I have a lot more to learn yet......
  • to be able to use a dictionary/learn to write/craft
  • tying flies
  • how to get a passport, I must ask Monkey
  • why adults are always talking about temperatures and what they are?
  • Pamela's feelings for me
  • Will I like all my new friends when I meet them?

Thank you for your kind offers Bongo and Duckie, Lynne says we don't have an Ikea? near us

Well Lynne and Peter are taking me to the cinema now, so Cheerio for now ccc

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Biggest challenge yet in 2010

A strange day. We woke to lots more snow and Lynne and Peter having a disagreement, she said "I am so pleased we went shopping yesterday" and Peter said "Oh you are always right"!!
Well I stayed out of the way and finally found my bones...last night I had been looking under the wrong cushion LOL!
Do you like the word LOL? I do it means several things, but I cannot remember now but I like the word LOL!

One of the pronpts set by Pamela's Claire was - the biggest challenge yet.
I thought very hard about this when Lynne asked me last night and this is my answer.

I think doing DIY [Do It Yourself] has been my biggest challenge so far in 2010.
WRITNG - I still cannot write and really don't like it. Perhaps if Lynne gets me a smaller pencil I might find it easier?
READING - I cannot read a dictionary and really do not understand a lot of the words adults use, they are very confusing!
CRAFTING - though Lynne calls it scrapbooking. I really don't understand all the fiddling and faffing (well that is what Lynne says she does) and stroking of papers and ribbons

Well all this thinking has tired me out so cheerio for today xxx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What has pleased me?

I am very pleased with myself today because when I got up, Lynne was already in her craft room scrapping. She had been fiddling with letters for this LO called a WC....another toilet name?????
She let me help her so I managed a bit of DIY again!
I was allowed to paint some letters, I could do with a smaller brush but I did OK!
I got ratrher bored and then got paint on Lynne's dressing gown so she gave me anotherjob cutting my blog photos. This was really fun because all I had to do was slide up and down on top of the rail and the photos got cut!
I am really tired now as it was an early start to the day so I am going to have a snooze and then find a bone I buried yesterday under a cushion...I think? Cheerio for now xxxx

Monday, 11 January 2010

What has made me sad?

Well after chilling out all day I was ready to get going this morning but Lynne had other ideas and chilled out under her duvet, and 'hogged'??? ( is that the right word? I heard Peter use it the other day about the craft room) the laptop so I spent hours ( well it seemed a long time!) looking out of the bedroom window. Even Florrie joined me and some nice people who live next door started to shovel the ice and snow from the top of the road where all the cars were sliding
It became very interesting and even Lynne joined me. Lynne says there are still no buses so another day in her craft room.
She finally let me on the computer and I wrote to Comeius who is a tiny bear to ask if he had any relatives called Brown or Grizzly in Montana, I await a reply.
Well what has made me very sad is the way my darling Pamela is being treated by Claire at the moment, well I know it is her birthday today but.....
it was no way to treat her yesterday by putting her in a plastic bag, even if it was a see through bag! I had tears in my eyes so I know I was sad because that is what happens to sad people on television!
Also why I am on the subject of feeling sad about darling Pamela, that was dreadful that she nearly melted in the kitchen!
Why is that lady Claire not looking after darling Pamela better?
Pamela I have put your photo in a frame so I can look at you when you are not online :) I definitely will not look at you in THAT bag AGAIN!!!!!
Cheerio for now xxxxx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Why am I scared?

Well I had a 'duvet' day which I have learnt also means 'chilling' out!! It was lovely :)

Lynne and Peter walked to church and left me sleeping in because I didn't want another few hours in her handbag, I am still not sure about this church lark?
I had some lovely dreams and I think I am in love...but that is another story for another day......
Well why am I scared?
Later in the morning I had another look at that Montana book ...the place we are going on 'holiday' I couldn't look on the computer as it was switched off and I don't have a password yet . What did I see as I turned the pages......
This animal, it is called a grizzly bear and in the book it says to 'Be aware, they can be dangerous' now I understand the word danger! and I am scared because he looks fierce and I think he might eat me?and would you believe it? I turned a few more pages and found another bear called a brown many bears are there in Montana?
I am not sure whether I should tell Lynne and Peter about this yet, as I think they might call me a 'silly billy' again and I definitely don't like that name!
Well it is late today so I will say cheerio and speak to you all tomorrow xxx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

What has made me Happy ?

At first I wasn't sure about my new bed as Lynne told me it was Mae's cat basket but she never uses it and prefers to prowl the house and to get into Lynne and Peter's room if she can and sleep on their bed!
Florrie came to check me out but I think she was just seeing if I was comfortable.
I was really happy in my new bed and I have slept all day because all that playing with Zac yesterday tired me out!! Nobody bothered with me either. Lynne and Peter said they were chillling out today....another strange word because I heard Lynne say it was chilly when we were outside yesterday and I thought she meant she was cold??

Well now I am awake I am going to find some more dog bones. Lynne is still scrapping and Peter tying flies?????

Cheerio for now xxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowball fight!

I am off for a sleep now as the end of the afternoon ended up with Zac and Lynne having a snowball fight! I learnt that Lynne can be great fun at times LOL!!

Snow can be fun!

Zac made the snow such fun! here we are together with the snowman we made
I felt very proud with myself
because Lynne let me make the snowman's eyes, nose and teeth. It was very hard but hey I did it!
Then Zac showed me how to make snowballs, what fun we had!
I am so glad Zac thought about my feet and found these wellies for me :) A really thoughtful boy

Week 2 What have I learnt?

Well this week Claire has set us some questions to answer
What ...
1. Have you learned?
2. Has made you scared?
3. Has surprised you?
4. Has pleased you?
5. Has made you sad?
6. Has made you happy?
7. Has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

So what have I learnt today?
Well a little boy called Zac arrived today, he is Lynne's youngest grandson and he was very kind and played with me.

First he put on my scarf and asked Lynne where my gloves and boots were, how kind and thoughtful was that!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

7th January DIY and Holidays

Gosh it was cold this morning -5c whatever that means?
Apparently Lynne says it is too icy to go outside and we are going to do some DIY...crafting?
Oh I forgot it means Do It Yourself so I had to try and write to Pamela today but I couldn't do it myself so Lynne wrote to Claire instead, thank you Lynne :)
Whilst she wrotethe letter I did some DIY from the book I read yesterday.
I found a toy of Florrie and Mae's and climbed it to see what they did....they ignored me until
until Lynne put the tree on the table then Florrie came to play with me, that was fun.
Now we are in the craft room for the rest of the day.
I keep asking what holidays are, Days with prickly leaves??[ beause I saw holly at Christmas ]
Lynne called me a "silly billy" - well that is a different name for me LOL! and told me to look in the dictionary again BUT I really cannot use a dictionary so Lynne showed me all these books from different countries and told me they had visited most of them so I won't see them which was disappointing, but I will be going with her and Peter to Montana, a state????? in America with lots of mountains and water. They seem to know a lot about it and have visited before.
Anyway because she wanted to get on "fiddling" with paper
Woopee!!! I am on her computer finding out all about Montana, the only problem was...
the first photos showed that white stuff again, but Lynne then showed me what it would be like in summer. Thank goodness, no white stuff only high up the mountains a long way from us!
Oh and what does the word fiddling mean?...cannot see her cheating or making any music yet, just surrounded by a lot of paper and photos???
Cheerio for today, think I will like the craft room. I am on the computer for the rest of the day, because Montana is a BIG country, oh sorry I mean state!