Sunday, 28 February 2010

An unusual form of transport?

Paula I have thought all day about this and was going to google this but then I had an idea!
I went into the toy cupboard,...(remember I was there the other day )and I spied this racing car and hey Pamela my darling! here I am....... fancy a ride wih me?
Cheerio as Lynne wants to use the computer AGAIN!!!
Love Clemmie xx

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Prompt 2 - Hug your family or a group hug

Well I can't have a family hug as Peter is out til late and Lynne and I often have hugs and you have seen them before LOL!
But I remembered a lovely group hug I had when I was staying with Curly so here I am with Comenius ,Bongo and Curly. Oh I do miss you guys and guess today there will be a huge toy huge and I am missing it :( I feel very sad today, especially cos I wanted to be the first to hug Pamela!
I even found a special photo of Shirley hugging us guys, that was fun and again, I will miss seeing her and Kay today :(
Oh I am so sad so going to find my bones and have a snooze again as Lynne has a scrapping mania going on!
Cheerio guys and don't have too much fun without me!
Love Clemmie xx

Friday, 26 February 2010

Prompt 1. What is my transport if and when you go out?

Thank you Paula for your prompts, about time your Koala got blogging eh?
What a question to ask us toys who have been put in our ladies handbags these last couple of months LOL!!
Well my usual mode after being stuffed in Lynne's handbag last month to go to church is in this pink plastic bag, I was sent to stay with Kay and Curly with it LOL!

I have also gone in this big blue bag in the snow with Lynne and Zac, but it was a bit big and cold for me!
Really what I enjoy is being in the car pretending to drive. OK I have no seat belt on but Peter seems resigned to where I sit and I am sure no policeman would stop him? I have a wonderful view and love it

Thursday, 25 February 2010

T is for Thursday - Teeth

Well wasn't I lucky to find Zac's toothpaste for MY First teeth and his brush in the cabinet today. I knew immediately what photo I wanted Lynne to take.
I had watched Lynne cleaning her teeth often (not sure if Peter does clean his teeth as I have yet to see him do this! LOL!) but had never tried this myself. Mind you it was a bit difficult to find my teeth but I did like the taste of the white stuff and it was fun licking it!
Well that is all the prompts done for this week so cheerio !
Love Clemmie xx

W is for Wednesday - Weighing In!

Well as you all know including me, Wednesday is WI day at Slimming World, so I was already to go there but on the week when I needed a photo of those SW scales, Lynne didn't go.
So we weighed in at home...but there was a bit of a problem....
Lynne didn't weigh anything LOL!
and I weighed heavier than I did in January so I blame the excess weight on Kay, Curly, Shirley and Bongo and thos Curly Whirlies LOL...or did I weigh on different scales last time???
Well Cheerio for now, I must get today's blog done now then I will be ready for new prompts tomorrow. Wonder if Mary will come and make any comments this week as it was her challenge!
love Clemmie xx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

T is for Tuesday - Tidying and Toys

Well look who I found today living in the house with me! All these playmates I didn't know I had!
Lots of soft Toys LOL
We were Tidying the Toycupboard and I really didn't want to come out as there were so may toys I wanted to play with. I really cannot wait for one of Lynne's grandchildren to come so we can get some of the games out
There was a marble run which looks fun and a Potato head game where you make up a head from a potato?!!
I am so tired now as this morning was hard work LOL so Cheerio for now
Love Clemmie xx

Monday, 22 February 2010

M is for Monday - for McDonalds and Mac!

Lynne took me to show me McDonalds today, we didn't stay as we were soaked and she hates their food and I definitely didn't want to eat it and anyway it was next to Sainsbury and she had promised to buy me some more bones!!
How stupid do I look in this Mac that Lynne made me wear! It was actually a foot cover for when her carpet is cleaned but since she hasn't made me a mac yet I was forced to wear this

Well off to enjoy my bones now so Cheerio love Clemmie xx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

S is for Sunday - Slimming World LOL!!

Well I was still Snugled this morning when Lynne and Peter went to church.
When they came home she let me look at the comments...I think her family must have drank alchohol last night after the comment they left LOL! and they are all teetotal too????

Any way for me today living in this obsessed house with losing weight (yes even Peter has

Succumbed to losing weight LOL,. He says he has joined the'band wagon' ( a western???).
So S is for Slimming World, Shape yoghurts, Salad, and Spicey bean pie that Lynne is eating again tonight LOL.
I am eating bones again, didn't bring any home as Ollie ate them all LOL!
Cheerio everyone
love Clemmie xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

S is for Saturday - Sleeping!

Sorry everyone but today S has to be SLEEP! I love having a snooze and today Lynne seems hyper with family so as Lynne says 'I am lying low' LOL!!
but I had a problem, Florrie wanted to play but I told her to go away and leave me and she did as there were birds in the garden and she got interested in them...but wouldn't go out, I don't blame her as it is freezing out!
Lynne is home now and scrapping again LOL and then off out, not going with them as things are a bit stressed LOL!
Cheerio for now
Love Clemmie xx

Friday, 19 February 2010

F for Friday - Feet

Mary from 365 has done our challenge prompts this week
She has asked out toys to do something with each letter od each day of the week, so today being Friday it has to be an F word. Lynne says be careful because it could sound rude saying that???
Anyway this was easy in the end as Lynne got me all parcelled up on her way for a pedicure...what a strange word! It means having her feet 'done', soaked, nails filed feet massaged and polish put on. What strange things humans do to themsleves LOL!
Here I am watching Lynne's toes being painted, Ann offered to do mine...but I declined LOL!

Happy to be back but missing Curly, Bye for now

Love Clemmie xx

Hello I'm back!

Phew that was a quicker journey back than when I went , mind you I hear the postman calling out to Lynne as she left the house so I didn't have to go with him to the sorting office over night like I did going!
I had a lovely time with Curly,kay, Chris and Dee and we all bought Lynne some stash and wrapped it up so it seemed like Christmas or a birthday for her!
She loved them all but best of all she loved seeing me again!
Cheerio for now as I have some more prompts to look at for this week
Love Clemmie

Other colours in Clemmies world

To finish off his colour prompts this week, Clemmie left me these photos he had taken before he left to stay with Curly.He found a lot of orange things one day and he likes this colour too! Auntie Carol wears a lot of orange and has orange curtains and walls in one of her rooms. I eat a lot of oranges and he has decided is he goes to Sainsbury shopping with me he can persude me to buy him bones!!
Clemmie is back and just having a snooze before he posts
Love Lynne

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What is Lynne's favourite colour?

Well before Cleemie went on holiday he searched through my wardrobe and jewellery and of course he found a lot of this colour which I had to tell him was turquoise.It is of course my favourite colour which I wear more in summer than in winter!

I am feeling very happy tonight because I have heard that Clemmie is ready to come home :)
love Lynne xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

What colour do I think of for being unhappy?

Clemmie hates black, it makes him feel miserable and unhappy.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Which colour do I hate and why?

Well Clemmie said it had to be white although I told him white and black weren't really colours but he didn't understand!
White reminded Clemmie of that white stuff snow, wet and very cold. He said " and why people think it looks pretty I do not know LOL!"
I found this picture taken when Zac came and I must say Clemmie doesn't look very happy after his snowball fight with Zac,
It was great to hear from Clemmie today, and I am so pleased he is being a good dog.
I am a bit worried about him drinking coffe and eating chocolates??Is Kay leading him into bad habits?
Love Lynne xx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

What is my favourite colour?

Well Clemmie says that red has to be his favoutite colour
Lynne knitted him a red scarf for the winter, he loves it!
He has discovered he likes a fine red wine that Lynne drinks :)
He enjoyed painting whilst Lynne was scrapping and he used a lovely red colour paint.
and of course he keeps seeing Lynne eating red foods and has decided they must be good for her :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Colours of My World - What colour am I?

Hope you like my questions this week?
Lynne has been teaching me all about colours, their names and the different names for the same colour LOL!!
Before I went away she had me lay in this very uncomfortable manner to take a photo of all of me LOL!!

OK so I am off white?????? cream???? dirty white????
I prefer to say I am pale ice cream colour :) with a pale chocolate brown top body and legs, yes I do have legs though they are sadly very short :(

Don't worry Bongo I am not the colour of chocolate, that is a milk chocolate brown or dark brown!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What job would I chose and who would I invite to dinner?

Well since I know Clemmie's answers I thought I would finish this week's prompts tonight as I am missing Clemmie already!
Here we are last night having our last kiss and cuddle xxx
Clemmie says sorry but he isn't ready for a job yet, he has no idea what job he could do and he likes my retirement life and thinks work would get in the way of his snoozing and afternoon TV!

He often watches Come Dine with Me with Peter and myself so he knows what a dinner party is. Clemmie isn't sure if everyone he wants to invite would like doggy food but he is sure that Lynne would cook some human food and that 3 out of the five would drink red wine with him! can you guess who?
So his five guests would be.......
Lynne - she is fun and would help me get the meal ready.
Zac - he was so kind and played with me when I saw him last
Auntie Carol - she keeps cuddling me
Pamela - because I love her
Curly - because I think he will become my best mate

Hope Clemmie arrives tomorrow!
Love Lynne x

All packed up!

Well Clemmie has gone now and hopefully is safe with the Royal Mail, recorded and first class.
It will be strange without him but he did all the prompts with me so I will finish off this week's prompts and then give everyone Clemmie's prompts on Friday.
No I didn't sedate him as he doesn't like all the tablets I take and refused anything, he just has his bones and a photo of Pamela to look at on his journey.
Lynne xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What food have I tried and hated?

Well would you believe when I first came downstairs in January and found the kitchen I thought the blue bowl had dried food for me. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to eat it..........Well guess what it was it was yucky yuck CAT FOOD LOL!!and I hated it!!
Well I am packed and I watched Lynne making me airholes in the lid. now we have having our last cuddle and watching TV.
Cheerio for a while as I am off on my first holiday tomorrow and I am so excited xxxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

The Person I would most like to meet and why

I would like to meet Jeffrey so I could tell him what I think of himPosted by Picasa

Meeting Someone new!

Well I went to Sainsbury with Lynne today as she said it was just for breakfast LOL! I met Sharon, Lynne had her in her Home Economic classes ( cookery classes) when Lynne was very young!! I think she looks older than Lynne, do you? Lynne must have been a good teacher as she has a job now in catering which means she cooks and serves drinks :)
here I am collecting the money which goes in a big box called a till LOL!
Well of course it wasn't just breakfast, we had to do a food shop but I was happy as I found something Ollie and I can share and something Curly and Bongo can share too :)
Then we visited Carol and I popped on John's lap but he wasn't feeling very good today so I left him alone to his word search which was too difficult for me LOL!!
I am thinking now about the person I would like to meet, I hjave an idea so will be back later.
Cheerio for now xxxx

Saturday, 6 February 2010

School Days???????

This week Curly's has asked us toys a lot more questions that seem hard for a young dog like me!
Q If I was still at school what would my first option choice be?
A I am not old enough to go to school yet but Lynne says when I go my first option will be DOG TRAINING and I will learn to stop barking at the postie, learn commands such as 'SIT' ( a bit difficult with no proper legs LOL!), 'STAY', 'FETCH' and to understand when adults spell out words such as W.A.L.K.I.E.S etc

Q If I was at school what subject would you hate to do the most?
A Oh this is easy too! learning to sit as I lie down all the time (well it is this leg problem I have LOL!)
Well having got those questions out of the way LOL!! Look Pamela who I met yesterday! I am sure it is another child looking just like Jeffrey's children except this one must be a new child as he/she had no clothes on but had such lovely words on the body 'God Loves You'. Isn't that nice that someone loves the child :) BUT what is Jeffrey doing down in Hastings? Lynne thinks he has been having a fling (what does that mean?) and says "thank goodness Pamela has come to her senses"!
Oh I am so tired I am going to have a snooze as Lynne has just mentioned walking and you know how difficult that is LOL !!
Cheerio for today xxxx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Do I think they are insane?

Why should I think they are insane which I think means mad or barmey!

I am treated just like a member of their family.
I am taken out with them quite a lot.
I am allowed go shopping with lynne and choose my own food.
I have my own bed.
I am allowed a glass of wine in the evening.
I watch television with them.
Lynne is teaching me to read and write.
I am getting very good with the computer.
I have to learn DIY yet. [Do It Yourself] especially doing scrapping!
I am being sent on a mini break to stay with Kay and Curly and I am going to have my own pocket money for the few days away as she says there will be a lot of stash shopping and I can buy her something.
They have just applied for a passport for me for when we go away in October as I don't want to be hidden away in their luggageThere doesn't seem to be anything insane with all these things are there?
Off for a snooze before it is wine and TV time so Cheerio for today xxx

Have they made me welcome and do I ever spy on them?

I was asked these questions this week and I realised today that I haven't answered them!
Yes Lynne has made me welcome. She has given me my own bed, blanket, bones to eat and a lovely red scarf that Lynne knitted me when it was snowing and I sometimes get cuddled by too. As I told you earlier I think Peter just puts up with this toy challenge and sometimes tutts and growls
Well I haven't spied on them yet. Should I? I tried some hiding places this morning while Lynne was busy. Here I am above their bed on the light fan but I decided they might put the fan on and I would get very sick as it goes round and I might fall off LOL!Then I saw Mae behind the bedroom blinds and sat next to her and looked through the blinds, so do you think this is a good spy place? Can you see me?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Do they share everything with me?

The answer to that question Hedgie is, NO THEY DON'T and I am very upset!
I was back in the bedroom yesterday whilst they went to church having a snooze after an exhausting day in London...we didn't get home until very late after midnight LOL!
Any way I had a snoop around like you do when you are home alone. OK I am a male but some of us are nosey LOL!

Well look what I found a huge bar of chocolate practically eaten and they never offered one piece
to me LOL! I did wonder if Bongo had secretly visited but decided that was a silly idea as Shirley and Colin live a long way away and I am sure Bongo wouldn't be allowed out on his own... would he? So I guess Lynne and Peter are secretly eating chocolate when they go to bed?
Cheerio now and speak to you tomorrow xxx