Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chitty chitty bang bang

Well you have already seen me in my car so I decided to give you something else I googled today from the musical and the film

One of my favourite songs is 'Truly Scrumptious' I think bones and Zac's lollies and gingerbread men are scrumptious and 'my heart beats' for Pamela ! "I also love her, truly, honest, truly I do" LOL!! and I found a video which lynne hadn't really listened too and now she has she has removed it!! She says I must say "sorry toy friends" LOL!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I think that naughty 'wicked' things are fun LOL!!...............BUT...............
I cannot find anything wicked in Lynne and Peter's house........BUT...........
then I remembered Curly and I finding these wicked chocolates when I was staying with him
Almost better than bones LOL

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sister Act

OK going to do a bit of 'googling' this week LOL!
Do you like that? I am becoming a bit of a 'puter expert I think LOL!!
If you find Google and type in Sister Act there is a great video of this new show LOL
It is all about ladies dressed in weird black robes with white long clothes underneath and they are called NUNS and also SISTERS and they sing LOL!!
Any way it looks a pretty good musical and Lynne says looks as good if not better than the film LOL!!
I have been sooo busy to day and have really caught up..... so time for a snooze and may be a bone or two

Bye for now Clemmie xxxx

Mama Mia!!

This week it is Pamela's turn to do our toy prompts and she has chosen all Musicals LOL!!
I know Lynne and Peter have seen the film and the show and Lynne often plays the music but all I know is that it is about LOVE and that maybe Mama Mia means Good Gracious Me!! or rather surprise, surprise!!
Anyway here I am having kisses

and hugs from Lynne LOL!!


I never promised you a rose garden

A good job I wasn't promised a rose garden as we don't have one in this garden LOL!
This is the only rose plant they have and it climbs up the side of the front door!!
Well Duckie I have finally finished your prompts, sorry I was a bit late in doing them all
Got to go now and look at Pamela's prompts, Lynne says I won't like them very much LOL!!

I am sure I will because they are from my darling Pamela xxxx

There is never enough Thyme

Until I read one of the toys posts I thought it meant TIME.
Lynne told me that Thyme is a herb and we do have enough of it LOL!
I went looking for it but it seems to have disappeared in this 'dead' herb garden. LOL!!
I hope Lynne and Peter have enough TIME this summer to get this garden sorted out, it looks as if there is a lot of work to be done LOL!!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Well I looked and looked for a thing of beauty in the garden. I found this funny man blowing a whistle and Lynne said this was Peter's 'joy' a football referree man in the garden LOL!! It definitely was not a thing of beauty in my eyes LOL!!Well I continued to look and look and then Lynne showed me this pretty dead plant that she told me is beautiful in Sept and Oct
LOL!! aren't humans funny!
I still think Pamela is beautiful and will be my joy forever...mind you I still have to meet her LOL!!

Scatter seeds of happiness

We definitely are not ready to scatter seeds in the garden yet!
Lynne and Peter went out and started gardening yesterday but the garden definitely is not ready for any seeds and these are all the seeds I could find in the shed We have got to have a visit to a garden centre next week and buy compost bags and seeds then!I did have some happiness though with with a cuddle from Lynne in lovely warm sunshine LOL!
I am going to enjoy being in the garden but definitely need my bones so I can bury them!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

You should compost because a rind is a terrible thing to waste.

Not sure what a rind is but whilst I was clean and out in the garden we decided to do our photos shoot of composting.
Lynne is a great compost peep...do you like that word? Think peep means look but Lynne says it can mean people LOL!!!???????????????
Anyway she has 3 containers for compost,
1 is in the kitchen as she is cooking,
2 is outside in a small compost bin next to the door
3. is a big compost bin which Lynne says will make a lovely compost soil for the garden which Peter will show me soon...cannot wait LOL!!

Off to try and get 'dry' cleaned now, Lynne says no water,,,thank goodness
Cheerio for now xx

Oh and what has happened to Hedgie and Pamela these days??????

2 Let’s get down and dirty.

We found plenty of dirt. out in the garden it is called earth, indoors it is called dust...Lynne wouldn't let us take a photo of her dust LOL!! so here we are digging the veggie plot which is all ready for seeds and plants
Think this spade was too big for me really, anyway I fell into the dirt and got really dirty LOL!

and that bad news is Lynne thinks I might need a wash..........LOL!!

1. Every garden may have some weeds!

Hello again, well this week it is duckie's turn to do the prompts again.
Lynne says they are all about the garden prompts, typical of Mrs N!! She has also told me I may get dirty LOL!! Not very happy about that LOL!!
Any way it has finally stopped raining and out we went today with my boots on to search for 'WEEDS' Lynne says that the grass has more weeds than any where but we found this weed called a Dandelion which has a lovely yellow flower but 'deadly' seeds...is it dead????? Such funny language eh?I was supposed to try and dig it out but couldn't:(
Now you can see what we did next.......

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Extreme Sport, a car slalom race

Alli aren't you proud of Lynne she followed your advice and looked for the film strip and clicked on it. We are such a happy household that you can all see part of my car slalom. I realise now that I should have had a helmet like Monkey....but at least I haven't had a tail pinne have I?

Phew glad we did it in time Cheerio off for a snooze xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Extreme sport The Car Slalom

Well I have popped on to try and help Lynne but she cannot get the video on tonight only the picture at the beginning of the video!!
Will try again tomorrow, nite all xxPosted by Picasa

What was recycled today?

I know all about recycling. If you remember I looked inside one of those big green bins on 'bin day' which is always Tuesday in our road. One week it is a black bin and the other week it is a green bin.
Lynne and Peter everyday put paper, cardboard, tins and plastic bottles they have used on the side ready to put in the green bin. Tonight there wasn't much there, just some cardboard from yoghurts, some leaflets and a bottle
Monkey, Lynne said that Alli would be very pleased to see how good she is at recycling these days!!
Well I am about to go AWOL tomorrow......I have done my extreme sport but whether Lynne can get the video onto this blog is another matter, so I am going to hide for the day until she has done it!
Cheerio for now xxxx

What is your favourite game?

I was very lucky yesterday as Zac came to play after school and he brought some new toys for me to play with.
We played pretend 'wars' and Zac made lots of noises which he said were the gun noises!
I was allowed to be at the back in charge of all the soldiers. It was great fun. I hope he comes again soon.

Monday, 15 March 2010

The planets

Well I am now snuggled down to bed and my bedtime reading tonight is The Planets.
Well OK I cannot read yet but I can look at the pictures and Lynne has told me there are 9 planets
and our earth is one of the planets and I now know we have 1 moon LOL!!
All this information has made me so sleepy and to be honest I am really worried about Thursday and this extreme sport ...maybe I will go AWOL, not sure what it means except People cannot find you LOL!
Cheerio for now...yawn.....xxx

A Hug

Well yesterday was not a good day in this house even though it was Mother's day and Lynne got several lots of flowers and other presents. So I didn't get a hug until today!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

My Favourite DVD and why?

We have only just started having DVD's in this house and mainly borrowed from the library and to be honest I usually snooze when they are on because I am not interested in Lynne and Peter's choice of film.
Tomorrow Lynne says we are watching one of the DVD's Susie bought us when she came to stay.
Peter wants to see Invictus and lynne wants to watch Avator. Then Lynne went to Zac's video cupboard where I know Toy story and Antz and other videos that Zac watches that I really enjoy and got this DVD out.
It is called the Water Babies and she thinks I will enjoy this and it will give me an idea of an extreme sport I could do on Thursday??????
To be honest she keeps talking about this prompt and I am getting a little worried about what this might mean me doing so I think I will watch this DVD first while Lynne and Peter are out today and see what she means
Cheerio for now and will tell you what the DVD is like tomorrow xxx

Signs of spring?

Monkey has set the prompts this week with Alli's help. Thank you Monkey xx
Lynne had to tell me that in a year there were seasons? and that Spring followed the long winter we have just had! She says that we should have seen the last of the snow but not to hold my breath!! What a strange thing to tell me not to do LOL!!
We went out side to look fo spring flowers and buds on the trees. Since I am short and near the ground I found these purple and yellow (yes I know my colours LOL!) shapes coming out of the ground
Lynne says they are crocuses and usually the first flowers to show. We looked for a yellow flower called a daffodil but we could only see leaves and buds coming through.
It was very interesting to see the garden again with no white stuff, think I will enjoy playing here in the summer which I now know follows Spring LOL!
Lynne has told me that Mrs N has found Duckie, phew that is a relief, i was worried about my dear friend.
I am off now to look at all the new DVD's in the house and chose one to watch tomorrow with Lynne and Peter,
Cheerio for now xxx

Thursday, 11 March 2010

" I like nonsense it wakes up the brain cells"

Well I found this silly game that children play. Mr Potato man. Lynne says her boys played a simpler version with proper potatoes but Zac has the Star wars version with a pretend potoato head LOL There are bits which don't fit but since it came from a boot sale for £1 Lynne says what do you expect LOL! She thought I could wear the hat but I am afraid I don't like this nonsense. LOL!
Instead of waking me up, I am off to rest what brain cells I have with a snooze,
Cheerio for now xxx

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one"

Well there was no time for a snooze or any bones LOL!
We hpped on a bus with Peter and I was allowed to look out of the window.
Inside M&S we had to choose a meal deal, well Lynne went straight for the wine and Peter went for the puddings...what are they both like eh!!
Then I embarrassed Peter by sitting on top of this meal deal sign, apparently this Sunday is a very special day for Mothers????
Well we are home now and I need to find some nonsense around this house which might be difficult for a serious dog like me and this couple I live with who don't seem to do much nonsense !
but I have an idea from when I was last in the toy cupboard......bye for now xxxx

More prompts catch up!

Well today is catch up time LOL!! Tomorrow Monkey has new prompts and some how I have found Bongo's prompts hard this week...I guess cos I thought I was a clever dog learning to spell but to be honest, I cannot really read yet!
Well having been left behind a lot recently I have been taken everywhere today so
"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one"
It started in a bag as usualLOL! but it was bigger than Lynne's hand bag and we went to her scrapping class
Gosh toys... you should have seen the stash here..." I looked left, I looked right and low and high"
Oh and I thought up allsorts of things whilst I was in this room LOL!
What fun I had this morning and then.....we got home and.....

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Prompt 2

"Just tell yourself Duckie, you're really quite lucky."
Well I remembered in the kitchen all these lucky ducks that sit on Lynne's kitchen shelf.
Those Ducks seem to get everywhere don't they! Humans seem to love them LOL!Cheerio now I really am going to have a bone and a snooze

love Clemmie xx

Prompt 1

"From there to here,and here to there,funny things are everywhere."
This was prompt 1, so as I was off to snooze I remembered this funny thing on Lynne's dressing table and decided to get Lynne to take a photo of it

This is it's face, looks a bit 'duckie' to me LOL! Don't like the look of those lips!
What do you think it is? Lynne won't tell me LOL!

Prompts from Bongo this week

Well I am 2 days behind but life is getting back to normal and Lynne has just shown me these prompts which are from some books that Bongo is reading by a Doctor called Seuss????
So cheerio for now whilst I think really, really hard LOL!!
Maybe I will have a snooze first as they are off to church
Love Clemmie xx

Crafting embellies

The answer to this has to be alphas as Lynne has so many LOL!
I found these large cardboard letter's the other day and I am learning to spell my name!
Not sure if these reflect my personality but I think for a dog to be able to know the alphabet and now learning to spell his name I am quite a clever dog?
Well no snooze for me as Lynne says Bongo set this week's prompts 2 days ago and they are hard LOL!
Cheerio for now Love Clemmie xx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Which crafting tool do I just love?

Well who is behind eh!! Blame Lynne as she had a visitor this week and boy was I ignored!! I don't think I even had a cuddle from Susie...how sad is that!
Any way whilst they ignored me I had a play in Lynne's room and I just love this machine as I can jump on it and if you have paper underneath it makes holes LOL!! I hope Lynne doesn't find this paper as it is now just full of holes...off to hide it LOL!
Oh and do you know what it is called? THE BIG BITE, well friends isn't that a strange name?

Stroking Stash?

Lynne rarely goes stash shopping and when her monthly kit arrives she usually starts using it so I have never seen her stroking her stash just cutting it LOL but when susie arrived Lynne said "she had done some serious stash shopping" at 3 craft shops and had loads and loads of stash
and Susie and I stroked it for a LONG, LONG time LOL!! I thought it was fun!
She had some yummy alphas and let me have some of her used ones so I can practise writing my name with them, much better than using a pencil LOL
Cheerio for now as I have 2 more prompts and I have been AWOL since Susie has arrived xx