Thursday, 10 June 2010

ENGLAND and the World Cup

Hedgie has done the prompts this week and he has aked all us toys about the World Cup football .
I didn't know about the World Cup so I asked Peter all about it.
Then Zac came with his shades and football with England badges on the ball.
Here I am wearing the shades and sitting on the football LOL!!

Zac even has a wrist band which he though I could wear as a headband LOL!
It seems to be big business in all the shops, you can buy clothes for babies, children, men and women with the English flag, England colours on everything LOL
Will we be watching the football in this house, well the answer is NO, I will just have to keep up with the news in Peter's daily paper

Pothole Hunting

Well one of the prompts was..."Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey" ~ Barbara Hoffman
What fun we had going to Zac's village last week, the country lane was full of potholes so I kept getting out of the car and sitting in them

Oops here comes another one LOL!!


My friend Bongo in the photo below with Auntie Shirley has just got engaged to Pip. I didn't meet Pip when I went to Oxford on holiday. I epect that was because he hadn't met here then LOL!!
Any way I thought about the celebrations quotes
Celebrate what you want to see more of....Pamela
Celebrate our differences...with Pamlea
As you can see isn't a lot to celebrate when you have a broken heart LOL


Koala did the prompts for this week and they were all about the sun and sunshine.
Lynne often says to me "you are my sunshine" LOL why does she say that when I am her toy dog?

Here are my sunshine photos..Sunday morning sunshine
Here goes the sun, couldn't get Lynne to...rise and shine to see the sun come up LOL!!!

Wonder where the sun goes now???


Duckie asked us about how we spent our time
Well today I didn't intend to do anything but the usual burying and then finding my bones.I had a slight problem with Mae who became far too interested in what I was doing LOL

At last peace and quiet again!! " What we love to do we find time to do "!!!
Lynne thought that because this week was all about time I should learn to tell the time. well I was totally confused by this clock which had no numbers LOL!!
So we went round to my friend Zac's house and sure enough he could help me undersatnd and read the time LOL
Think I have got the hang of it and Zac looks pleased with me:)
Well we had a quote " How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on" ~ Zall's Second Law???
This is the shower where both Lynne and Peter spend many minutes each day.
what do they do? It seems very uninteresting in this tiny room!!
"Always take time to stop and smell the roses...and sooner or later, you'll inhale a bee"
Oh I don't fancy doing that!! LOL Well I found a bee on Perdita's finger
and then I found a rose, but not together and I was very careful not to inhale a bee as I know they can sting LOL!!
" Rest is not idleness and to lie ....watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time" ~ J Lubbock
Well there were no clouds today but I did enjoy looking at this wonderful blue sky
I still have a lot of prompts and lots od photos to sort so cheerio and I'll be back soon xxx

Something funny?

This made Peter laugh the other day so thought you might like to see me meeting a famous singer called Elvis Presley

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Funny things you see and hear Week 2 May

I am afraid I cannot do this week's prompt, I am not a very funny dog, and life in this household can be a bit boring sorry :(

Exploring with friends and family Week 1 of May

Well we often travel on the bus and here we went down on Peter's work bus to town at 9am, it was very busy!
Lynne decided I needed sunglasses so we went to look for a pair but they were all too big for me :(
I thought these looked yummy but guess what they aren't real cakes...who would want to buy anything you cannot eat?
Whoops don't tell Lynne I am showing you this...her coffee breal with a large cheese scone and butter LOL!!
During the week we went to a garden centre for more plants and compost!! can you see me in the pots playing hide and seek?
No we didn't buy all these, we had Peter with us and he kept saying NO!!
We also bought lots of bags of stones!!!
and I felt very clever paying for it all. Did you know all you need is a card and some numbers, isn't that clever!
Another day Peter was going to the 'tip'. I thought I would go along and see what it was all about.
It was very smelly in the car and at the tip, it is where people take rubbish that cannot go in their bins.
Monkey, wonder if Alli goes here?

Off to see what the next prompt was!
Bye for now xxxx

Hello I'm back! Have you missed me?

Where did May go? LOL!!
As you can see it has been a gardening month and what with helping Lynne and Peter, digging for bones and snoozing I quite forgot about our toy challenge

Any way I am back and today whilst Lynne cleans I am going to have a go at catch up on the prompts so here goes

Monday, 3 May 2010

I am Back from my Welsh holiday!

Still not done my own prompts about where I live LOL!! Will do that another day as I am so excited to show you some holiday snaps!
Our prompts on 23rd April, while I was away on my second holiday were from my dear friend Curly. Remember my first holiday was staying with him and his family?
We were asked about our ideal holiday and to find out about it.
Well I am being taken on a cruise to the Greek Islands in October on this ship

Not sure if it will be my ideal holiday or not as it is supposed to be warm and there will be a lot of water and there will be no other animals on the ship. I will think about that question CurlyLOL!!
Anyway I had an [like that word?] I am getting very educated these days LOL!

They took a lot of stuff with them to Wales and it was very cramped in our car but at least I sat on the back seat and could watch out of the windows.
This was the other way I travelled when we went out for the day, along with the spare shoes, T shirt etc LOL! We visited a lovely place called New Quay and I saw the sea for the first time, yes I know we live by the seaside but noone has taken me to the beach yet LOL! It was very big and blue. We looked for Dolphins but didn't see any! Here I am at out B&B looking out on more water with lots of boats, It is called a harbour.
and this was my bed, I had to share it with Lynne and Peter LOL!! I told you we were in Wales, well although the people spoke English like Lynne and Peter there was a lot of funny language I didn't understand, Lynne said it was Welsh and she cannot even read it. here we are at a station with the longest Welsh name. and here I am on a Welsh carves statue/chair Curly this was a photo specially for you. There are lots of your cousins in Wales and they all seem to have had babies recently LOL This was Peter's favourite to eat with a cup of tea, it is called Bara Brith LOL! Here I am with Lynne outside our lovely cottage called Llonydd, we couldn't pronounce it at all! Well I am now off to have a snooze and then bury some bones outside whilst Lynne digs and sows some seeds and maybe we will have a photo shoot for my prompts and Koala's too

Bye for now and I am so glad to be back

Love Clemmie xxx

Oh and by the way what has happened to Pamela? Has Claire lost her whilst out running? Has she starved to death while Claire eats WW food ?LOL,

Please Darling Pamela speak to me soon xxxxxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hedgie's Prompts (rather late, sorry!)

Well all these prompts from Hedgie are 2 weeks late since after the photo shoot something very sad happened to one of Lynne's friends and we haven't had time or any energy to do my blog, anyway today we have gone on holiday and life looks a little more cheerful, mind you she nearly left me behind!!

My Favourite cartoon character has to be The Simpson's, Lynne watches this every Friday since there is no Come Dine with Me that day at 5.30. She cooks and I watch it, with great difficulty with the sun coming in the window!

When I saw Zac I asked him who his fav cartoon charcter was as I had no idea,LOL!!

He showed me this book all about Rory the Racing car. I must look out for that prog as I think I would enjoy it!......................................... oops I lost that photo LOL!!

Does Lynne ever play a sport or do anything energetic? LOL NO!!!!
Here I am waiting to have a game of skittles and she wouldn't even play that game LOL!!
Well my Favourite sport on the television has to be FOOTBALL as living in the same house as Peter, it is watched a lot in my house!!
I enjoy the occasional game when I see Zac and he has a lovely small football which is just right for me LOL!!
Oooh! I wish we hadn't had this prompt as I got rather wet and Zac thought it was great fun to see me falling off his lego boat into the water! I got rather wet :(
Did I get an Easter Egg?
Boy I thought such a lucky toy, I saw these 2 packets of eggs. I opened one packet and they were just the right size for me and then was told, "NO", they weren't for me but for decorating an Easter cake and for Zac when he visited us.
He didn't even let me have a lick when he came and ate them LOL!!
Well I will have to do my own prompts on where we live when we get home, but hopefully I can do Curly's prompts this week as we are away on holiday now.
Cheerio I must have a snooze, I will be back tomorrow night xxxxx