Thursday, 10 June 2010

ENGLAND and the World Cup

Hedgie has done the prompts this week and he has aked all us toys about the World Cup football .
I didn't know about the World Cup so I asked Peter all about it.
Then Zac came with his shades and football with England badges on the ball.
Here I am wearing the shades and sitting on the football LOL!!

Zac even has a wrist band which he though I could wear as a headband LOL!
It seems to be big business in all the shops, you can buy clothes for babies, children, men and women with the English flag, England colours on everything LOL
Will we be watching the football in this house, well the answer is NO, I will just have to keep up with the news in Peter's daily paper


  1. Well done on catching up Clemmie, and some lovely photos too! You are clever reading a newspaper!

  2. WOW Clemmie you have been busy.
    That is a pretty big football you have there!
    The head gear looks cool too.

  3. Great photos :) Love the cool shades Clemmie xx

  4. Brilliant photos Clemmie. What a wonder dog you are.