Monday, 3 May 2010

I am Back from my Welsh holiday!

Still not done my own prompts about where I live LOL!! Will do that another day as I am so excited to show you some holiday snaps!
Our prompts on 23rd April, while I was away on my second holiday were from my dear friend Curly. Remember my first holiday was staying with him and his family?
We were asked about our ideal holiday and to find out about it.
Well I am being taken on a cruise to the Greek Islands in October on this ship

Not sure if it will be my ideal holiday or not as it is supposed to be warm and there will be a lot of water and there will be no other animals on the ship. I will think about that question CurlyLOL!!
Anyway I had an [like that word?] I am getting very educated these days LOL!

They took a lot of stuff with them to Wales and it was very cramped in our car but at least I sat on the back seat and could watch out of the windows.
This was the other way I travelled when we went out for the day, along with the spare shoes, T shirt etc LOL! We visited a lovely place called New Quay and I saw the sea for the first time, yes I know we live by the seaside but noone has taken me to the beach yet LOL! It was very big and blue. We looked for Dolphins but didn't see any! Here I am at out B&B looking out on more water with lots of boats, It is called a harbour.
and this was my bed, I had to share it with Lynne and Peter LOL!! I told you we were in Wales, well although the people spoke English like Lynne and Peter there was a lot of funny language I didn't understand, Lynne said it was Welsh and she cannot even read it. here we are at a station with the longest Welsh name. and here I am on a Welsh carves statue/chair Curly this was a photo specially for you. There are lots of your cousins in Wales and they all seem to have had babies recently LOL This was Peter's favourite to eat with a cup of tea, it is called Bara Brith LOL! Here I am with Lynne outside our lovely cottage called Llonydd, we couldn't pronounce it at all! Well I am now off to have a snooze and then bury some bones outside whilst Lynne digs and sows some seeds and maybe we will have a photo shoot for my prompts and Koala's too

Bye for now and I am so glad to be back

Love Clemmie xxx

Oh and by the way what has happened to Pamela? Has Claire lost her whilst out running? Has she starved to death while Claire eats WW food ?LOL,

Please Darling Pamela speak to me soon xxxxxx